We recommend you to take advantage of our own agency offer for outdoor and indoor activities, all at a professional level and without any agency fees.


  • Knowledge of the local conditions for selecting the most appropriate program for you
  • In the vicinity of the hotel there is exclusive space for outdoor activities of the hotel quests
  • Complete offer of activities according to hotel and outdoor services
  • In bad weather the posibility of using the Hotel´sports hall
  • Lower price due to one-person service
  • All in one invoice


Program in the vineyard

What is it like to be a vineyarder and a winemaker? You can experience that in our vineyard in Kurdějov at the wine-line „Stará hora“ in the Ebenberg vineyard.

There is probably the densest vineyard in Moravia (13 000 shrub of wine / ha) with a beautiful view of „Pálava“ and the surrounding area.

From the end of August to early November, you can come to collect grapes grown in BIO mode and then process them (de-stem, press) directly in the vineyard in the same way our ancestors did.You will hear the interpretation of wine grape growing and wine making, which you eventully will be tested in our Wine Quiz.

You can taste the grapes, must, juice scrumpy and wine from this vineyard.

The program in the vineyard is convenient to cosine with the Farmer´s multi-event competition.



Arranged in the labyrinth cellar of the Hotel house Vinař in the adjoining underground corridors of the municipal wine shop, the local gothic church and church towers or outdoor near the hotel houses:

I. variant:

1.) Wine Quiz - 10 questions
2.) Determining the color of wine by name - 10 tips
3.) 8 items used in wine and agricultural practice
4.) Pulling out the wine with wine thief

II. variant:

I. variant
5.) Tour of the local Gothic church + durch tower with knowledge questions
6.) Tour of underground corridors from the 14th century
7.) Competition in casting of 4 kinds of brandy of 4 kinds of Moravian wine

III. variant:

II. variant
8.) Throwing pitchfork in the distance
9.) The nail on the head in time
10.) Refreshments – Honza´s buns + bread with crackling spread

IV. varianta:

III. variant
11.) Starling shooting
12.) Slalom track with wheelbarrow


In our hotel you can rent a golf cart and use it for a ride around the beautiful surroundings of Kurdějov, vinelands and forests. When rating at the reception we will also give you the possible ride routes.

Lending golf carts is only available to guests over the age of 18.


Our quads have a registration number and you need a driving licence for the B or B1 – as well as you need to drive the car. Quards are two-seat. The machine have an automatic gearbox and because of that women do not have to worry about learing to gear change. We will also lend you a branded helmet to the borrowed quad bike – so all you need is warm clothing and plenty of space for hektolitre of relaxed adrenaline.


We will provide contact with the horse owners who are near the hotel.

These activities can also be combined.


An external service provided by an agency. Services they provide:

  1. Bring bicycles to our hotel.
  2. Lends quality bikes Superior and Apache, including all the equipment, suitable for both terrain and road.
  3. Offers a route consultation – tells which way and where, how much, and what sights and attractions you can see on your route.
  4. Offers quide services – provides a qualified quide, arranges and schedule your trip smoothly, provides expert presentation into monuments and attractions, eventually provides solutions to unforeseen events and technical help.


An entertaining educational competition with wine theme

  1. Wine Quiz – 10 knowledge questions
  2. Determining the color of wine by name – 10 tips
  3. 8 subjects used in wine and agricultural practice
  4. Competition: Pulling of wine with the wine thief


  1. Tournament organization:
    - in the tennis hall (tennis, football, footsall, volleyball, badminton)
    - in the bowling hall - 4 AMF bowling lanes available
  2. Providing ceramic and metal cups for the winners.


  • Tour of the local Gothic church from the 14th century dedicated to St. Jan Baptist, Kurdějov underground corridors, All Saints chapel and church tower with free bells – the oldest one dates back to 1456. Guide will show you everything and from the interpretation you will learn many interesting things from the history of these buildings and the village Kurdějov.

Outdoor - Golf carts

Outdoor - Horse riding

Outdoor - Quad bikes

Outdoor - Bicycle rental

Outdoor - Tournaments

Outdoor - Tour of the local church