Kurdějov Hotel is a complex of four hotel houses. The original Hotel House Tenis, named after the dominant tennis hall. Hotel House Adina, which concept corresponds to modern building trends, the dominant Hotel House Vinař and most recently Hotel House Kaskáda. Every hotel house carries a distinctive concept and always offers something else, just to satisfy every visitor. Nevertheless, we constantly keep on improving the services of our four-star hotel.


Ten years ago, the Hotel House Tenis laid the foundation for the creation of a conference and relaxation center of the current range and character. Hotel House Tenis is equipped with a restaurant, tennis courts, bowling, water world, Turkish and Finnish sauna a wine cellar. Hotel House Tenis has 33 beds and 2 extra beds in 12 rooms with en suite facilities.

Each room is equipped with historical furniture in the style of a village room and decorated with drawings with accompanying text about the monuments of Lednice-Valtice area and interesting surroundings.

Rooms: Hustopečský kostel (2 beds), Kloboucký mlýn (2 beds), Lednický minaret (4 beds – 2 + 2), Lednický zámek (4 beds – 1 + 3), Janův hrad (2 beds), Tři grácie (2 beds), Valtický zámek (4 beds – 2 + 2), Mikulovský zámek (4 beds – 2 + 2), Věstonická Venuše (4 beds – 2 + 2), Kozí hrádek (2 beds), Sirotčí hrádek (2 beds) a Pouzdřanská step (1 bed).

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Hotel House Adina is a newer, modern building designed for congresses, training courses and accommodation. It is about 250m away from the Tenis Hotel House and the garden is adjacent to the Hotel House Vinař. The capacity of the Hotel House Adina is 45 beds. It is equipped in a contemporary style and has 19 double rooms with en suite facilities and 3 suites. Free internet access is available in each room. The hotel has a closed, quiet car park, which is situated to the garden.

The compound includes a hall for up to 120 people and 2 training rooms equipped with technology.

The suites are located independently of the other rooms and are very specific with their stylish concept. Suite "A" is fully equipped for the needs of wheelchair users or physically handicapped people. Suite "B" is furnished in the style of living space and furnishings from the 1920s - it is very quiet and noble. Suite "C" is designed in a modern style. A cool, modern apartment style for relaxing each visitor - a spacious bathroom with a corner bath, a tea kitchen and plenty of space for relaxation and work.

As part of Hotel House Adina, there is also a very spacious courtyard where various events can be held - celebrations, barbecues, banquets, sitting at the cimbalom, and so on.

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Hotel houses Vinař and Kaskáda are the newest hotel houses of Hotel Kurdějov. The Hotel House Kaskáda is the latest act in the continuous improvement and expansion of the conference and relaxation center Hotel Kurdějov.

Hotel House Vinař

With its concept, whether architecturally or purposefully, it is an unconventional building. Although it is a new building, it fits perfectly into the existing architecture and perfectly corresponds to the dominant feature of the village Kurdějov - a fortified church from the middle of the 14th century. Already during the construction, the important details completing the "spirit" of the building, which will impress you not only from the outside view, were taken into consideration.

Hotel House Vinař has a capacity of 40 beds in 20 rooms, a conference room for up to 200 people and two smaller training rooms. As part of the hotel house, there are also the lookout terraces on the one hand and several interconnected cellars on the other. The cellars create a very attractive area for the wine shop, which is located right here. The history of the cellars dates back more than 300 years. The Hotel House Vinař is connected by a garden with the Hotel House Adina, where you can also find space for secure parking of hotel guests' cars.

The construction of the Hotel House Vinař was realized within the project "Extension of the congress area by construction of new accommodation and training capacities" and is co-financed by the European Union.

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The Hotel House Kaskáda, located by the Hotel House Vinař, is a hotel house that was completed in the spring of this year. Kaskáda offers accommodation in 16 modernly equipped rooms with air conditioning and a minibar and 3 air-conditioned apartments with a kitchenette where you can find a fridge, microwave, jug kettle and table service (plates, bowls, chopping boards, knives, cutlery, glasses, cups).

As part of the hotel house, there is also a conference room and lookout terraces offering beautiful view of surroundings.


A separate building, located close to the hotel houses Vinař and Adina, offers 5 suites with a kitchenette. Each suite consists of two separate double rooms and a shared bathroom and kitchenette. It is equipped with a fridge, microwave, jug kettle and table service (plates, bowls, chopping boards, knives, cutlery, glasses, cups).

All rooms of Hotel Kurdějov are equipped with TV, internal telephone, internet connection and work desk for small administrative work. Each room has a separate en suite facilities. In Hotel Kurdějov we can organize for you any event up to 200 people. Nevertheless you will feel the climate of a family hotel with the character of a traditional Moravian dwelling.


Hotel prices are listed in the price list. Prices for accommodation are set differently for each of the three hotel houses, so each guest has a choice. For large groups and longer stays, an individual price can be negotiated.


If you are interested in some feedback about our hotel, feel free to read few sentences written by the previous visitors.

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